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What to Expect from the Healing Roots Wellness Center

Approaching therapy can feel scary to many people.

What will it look like?
What kinds of questions will they ask me?
Will I be lying down on the couch while the therapist scribbles things on to a yellow notepad?

The intimidation factor and fear often stops people from reaching out and taking the next steps. It leads to further isolation and stagnation in changing behaviors.

We want you to know that although therapy is hard work, it can also be a fun process! We believe that by digging deep, looking at the stories we are telling about ourselves, and understanding why we are the way we are, it creates true healing which leads to a happier and fuller life. This process can come with tears, anger, sadness, laughter, and silliness.

We believe that each person requires a different approach to meet their special and unique needs. When we meet, we will discuss what you are most comfortable with, and identify ways that you would like to do therapy.

The first few sessions will be getting to know you and your story. We will ask you many more questions at the beginning so we can gain a full understanding as to what is at the root of your struggles. Once we have an understanding of what the roots are to your story, we will start to identify the themes that are common. These themes will start to give you a better understanding of why you may engage in certain behaviors or thinking patterns, and create a space to start challenging behaviors to create a more desirable life for yourself.

Each person will need to approach therapy differently, and we will work together to understand what your specific needs are, as there is no right or wrong way to approach therapy!

Since we are limited by insurance companies criteria for when, where and how we meet; we like to approach therapy in alternative ways. We believe that therapy does not have to be the traditional “couch therapy” all the time. We enjoy being creative and having sessions outside, walking or hiking, or even for those struggling with eating disorders, having sessions while in a cafe or restaurant to challenge food fears. We think typical couch therapy can be very useful, but also think sometimes it’s easier to talk when going for a walk and feeling the sun on your body!

We are not what some might think of as a typical therapists. There will be no clipboard and note taking while you talk. We are pretty down to earth, and know you will find ease when sharing with us. We believe that you need to feel comfortable talking with us, so we try to make ourselves and the environment as casual, welcoming, and professional as possible. You will find comfort, kindness, empathy and understanding from us.

You are worthy of healing and gaining better control of your life!

Go to our Getting Started page if you are ready to take the next step in your healing journey!

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