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Pilar Yoho

Pilar is accepting new clients!

Pilar deeply believes that authentic connection to yourself is the ultimate foundation for living a healthy and fulfilling life!

But how does one achieve authentic connection when the fear to be vulnerable paralyzes you from revealing your true self?

Pilar will help you gain skills and tools to feel confident walking into the face of vulnerabilities in your life. She knows that many of us fear this intimate level of vulnerability with ourselves, but that this is often the birthplace of connection and lasting healing!

Pilar Yoho, LCSW

She has worked with many women struggling with questions like:

  • “How do I find my own value when I just don’t feel good enough?
  • “How do I move forward after experiencing this trauma?”
  • “How do I manage being a mom, a working profession, being a life partner, etc?”
  • “How am I supposed to do this so called….self care stuff?”

Pilar believes that therapy is a safe space to begin processing how the mind, body, and soul have been impacted by things like relationship wounds, traumas, grief and loss. She will help you safely explore ways to integrate what is learned about oneself during the healing process, so that those wounded parts can begin to heal, and you can begin to feel WHOLE!

Everyone is worthy of a fulfilling life where overwhelming feelings and thoughts aren’t taking over their life.

Pilar has a deep understanding that there are many reasons as to why we struggle to connect and find lasting healing. One of the biggest barriers to healing that is often seen in her client’s therapy journey is the long-lasting impact that a relationship trauma can have on one’s ability to deeply and genuinely connect with others, or even connect with oneself.

The incredible impact is often misunderstood, minimized, or swept under the rug, not only by ourselves but by society at large.

Pilar understands this, and is passionate about processing the impact that these deep hurts have had on the mind, body, and soul AND to help you learn new ways to live and feel freedom in your life, and to ultimately accept all of the unique parts of you that make you “YOU”.

As a Veteran, mother, spouse, and business owner; Pilar knows what a juggling act it can all feel like at times. She understands the demands that modern day society can put on women to “do it all.” She knows all too well what it is like when the pressures of taking care of everyone else leaves one with a feeling of being lost as to “Who am I in all of this?” Pilar can help you navigate the importance of learning how to prioritize yourself so that you can be the strongest version of yourself when it is time to show up in all the demanding roles you have in life.

Pilar considers it an honor to be invited into this intimate healing journey with you. During the healing process, she will walk alongside you to help you feel safe enough to explore the possibilities of authentic connection, not only with others, but with yourself.

Pilar has expert knowledge of working with survivors of domestic violence, particularly intimate partner violence, trauma, anxiety, and depression. With over 10,000+ hours of experience working with people from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds, different life experiences, genders, sexualities, and self identities; Pilar began to notice similar themes in all of her client’s stories of personal healing….

…That at the root of their pain was a longing to feel heard, be seen, and feel valued through connection. This is something all individuals long for, regardless if someone grew up in a stable home, or one that was unpredictable.

Clients often leave sessions feeling empowered, connected, heard, seen, and valued. Pilar respects autonomy in what approach feels safe and right for each person and is eclectic in her clinical work. She uses a wide variety of approaches such as CBT, EMDR, Guided Imagery, and mindfulness to guide her work with clients. Pilar knows how important it is to find safety, and gleans much of her approach from attachment-based theories. Are you ready to find an AUTHENTIC connection in your life?!?

If so, get in contact with Pilar today for a free 20-min consultation!

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