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Psycho-Spiritual Therapy

During times like this, finding inner peace can be challenging when the state of the world is chaotic and contentious. These stressful times may have you questioning:

  • Your spiritual connection(s)
  • “What is my purpose in life?”
  • “What am I doing with my life?”
  • “Who have I become?”
  • “Where are my values?”

… and may have you longing for greater insight into things like how your upbringing, cultural norms, and life experiences may influence possible feelings of spiritual angst.  

We are here to help you find a sense of inner peace and confidence within yourself and with your spiritual connection(s).

We can help you learn effective tools to integrate your intellect with your soul, and quiet that feeling of anguish. We are committed to listening, interpathically, to understand, and offer insight for your unique frames of reference. 

This form of specialized psychotherapy is psychospiritual therapy.  Psychospiritual therapy is commonly used to describe a wide range of therapeutic systems which embrace a spiritual dimension of the human being as fundamental to psychic health and full human development.  Psychospiritual therapy utilizes both psychological and spiritual methods in a holistic and integrated approach to healing and inner growth.

For too long, mind, or intellect, and body were considered separate entities.  But great strides have been made in the past few decades with regard to recognizing the interconnections between the intellect and body in disease and soul. Recent research is indicating that spirituality plays a significant role in health and longevity

A psychospiritual approach refers to the intellect, the soul, and the spirit, so it includes both the personal and the metaphysical. In the therapeutic setting, soul refers to the psychology, personality, of the client. Spirit is the connectedness to:

  • God,
  • Creator,
  • Alah,
  • YHWH,
  • Enlightenment,
  • Higher Power,
  • Universe. 

The psychospiritual includes uniting the intellect, soul, and spirit; discovering one’s spiritual calling; searching for the meaning of life; or contacting one’s true nature. This is a deep dive into work that can be meaningful, but also overwhelming at times to do on your own.  We can help you dig through and understand these complex relationships, while continuing to provide yourself kindness along the journey. 

Spirituality is not the same as religiosity. When utilizing spirituality in therapy, we take into consideration your personal belief system and help you derive a concept of spirituality that is a unique fit.  Spirituality, then, is your soul’s interaction and relationship to Spirit, as defined by you.  Your religious views (or lack thereof) may or may not be related to your spiritual beliefs, and/or practice. 

Psychospiritual counseling considers not only  the spiritual experiences, but depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders important to healing  This is referred to as psychospiritual angst, which may be a crisis of;

  • values, 
  • meaning, and purpose,
  •  joyless striving, and a 
  • misalignment of core spiritual beliefs.

We understand this and look at you in a holistic way. We help you understand the body, the intellect, and spiritual manifestation of  your malaise.

HRWC employs the psychospiritual approach to your psychological changes, mental health symptoms, and emotional crises as a possible catalyst for growth and transformation, leading to positive life changes and expanded states of consciousness.

Your psychospiritual transformation or healing is about combining psychology and spirituality to learn to look at negative life events or a symptom of mental illness as a journey and an opportunity for personal growth, rather than treating them as things to be eliminated, suppressed, or moved past as quickly as possible.

A psychospiritual therapy method involves simultaneously engaging the soul, intellect, and spirit in healing mental health issues, moving beyond problematic life patterns, and overcoming traumatic life experiences. Typically, we will guide you to utilize your symptoms or difficulties as a catalyst for psychospiritual transformation.

You may benefit from a psychospirital approach in therapy if you are:

  • Pursuing a spiritual discipline and/or a traditional or nontraditional spiritual path — – and are facing issues of how to integrate that practice into effective functioning in everyday life.
  • Not sure how you can talk about your spiritual practice or unusual experiences for concern your untraditional approach or experiences are invalid or not understandable.
  • Feel internal conflict with having different “compartments” for parts of yourself. For example, you may struggle with understanding and integrating where your sexuality, gender, aggression, and so forth, fit into your life and development.
  • Facing issues of depression, anxiety, health crises, loss of meaning, or difficulties in career or relationships – issues that everyone faces – but need an environment where those issues can be dealt with in a psychotherapy context.

We will help you learn to lead a life that celebrates your deepest values and unique identity.

If you feel that HRWC may be a good fit to help you take the next step on your healing journey, please visit Getting Started on this webpage. https://healingrootswellnesscenter.com/about_Roy , and schedule an initial consultation at a 50% discount.

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