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Eating Disorders

Stop blaming yourself and feeling out of control about food and your body.  Eating disorder therapy can help you gain confidence and find peace with your body and your soul.  

You don’t have to struggle with both health and eating concerns while loathing your body.

People with recognized or unrecognized eating issues often find themselves experiencing:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Isolation
  • Health issues
  • Career and work issues
  • Relationship struggles

There is hope!  The right tools can help you overcome these obstacles, even if they seem insurmountable right now.  But, it is important that you get the right support and healing tools as soon as possible.

You may have tried different diets, workout programs, and treatments before,  all which may have left you more overwhelmed and feeling like you are right back at the beginning.  Yo-yo diets and intense workout programs leave you feeling incompetent  and to blame for your eating concerns and body image issues.

You may find yourself wearing all dark colored clothing and putting a pillow in front of your stomach when you sit down at a party. You may fear the next office meeting where the donuts and bagels are looming in front of you. All the while, you are thinking, “How come Jen can sit there without even looking at them?  I can’t take my eyes off of them! Will anyone notice if I take a second (or not eat any at all)?”

You may think that everyone thinks about food ALL DAY LONG,  that all the women you know obsess over how many calories they ate that day, or that everyone tries on ten outfits before they leave for a friend’s birthday party.

But struggling with eating concerns can be serious.  Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness.  It may be leading you towards much more negative consequences than you think.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!  Over 30 million people in the United States suffer from an eating disorder.  Most women (and a rising number of men) can relate to feeling confused, overwhelmed and anxious about how to live a “healthy lifestyle.”  Most of us feel lost after reading one “health” article telling us to cut out fats and how bad it is for your heart, but then seeing a post from an influential Instagram follow who tells us why we need to add in MORE fat to our diets.

It’s normalized to hear things like:

“She would be so pretty if she just lost a couple pounds.”

“I’ve gained so much weight over the holidays, I’m starting X diet and going to the gym every day starting January 1st.”

“Did you see Mary, it looks like she hasn’t lost her baby weight yet.”   

No wonder only 1 out of 10 people seek support.

Struggling with disordered eating and health concerns is extremely tricky to tease apart.  Doing it on your own will leave you feeling like you are a hamster stuck on a spinning wheel, one who knows it’s time to get off but can’t.

This is why utilizing therapy can be so beneficial.  Understanding the relationships we have with food and our bodies is extremely complex.  It consists of:

  • Your history
  • Genetics
  • Your body’s physiology
  • Health issues
  • Societal pressures and norms
  • Your relationships with yourself and with others
  • How you view your body

Understanding how all of these can influence your behaviors is crucial in healing and gaining back your life.  

What’s unique about us?

Our philosophy and therapeutic approach will help you understand what is at the root of your mental health struggle.  We believe that we must address all the roots at one time, or healing takes longer and often leads to relapse of symptoms.

We strongly believe in the mind-body connection.  What goes on in your mind will influence how your body responds. Additionally, what is going on in your body influences your thoughts, behaviors, and perspectives.  It is imperative to understand how your body is like a super highway of interconnectedness.  

When working with the expert team at HRWC, people learn about their body’s physiology and how it impacts their mental health.  You will learn how to read the signs your body is giving you, and you will learn how to know when your body is working for you or against you.

Healing does not come in a “one size fits all” box.  Each person needs to know what works specifically for him or her.  When addressing these issues, most people find it helpful to have many people on their healing team. Creating a team across the city can be overwhelming, to say the least, and may leave you with questions like:

“How do I explain to my boss why I need to miss so much work?”

“How am I going to make it to all three of my appointments?  They are all across the city?”

“I’m seeing lots of healing professionals, but how do I get them to talk to one another?”

YOU DESERVE AN EXPERT TEAM APPROACH towards healing that is all in one place.  Here at HRWC we believe that in order to address and heal from eating issues, it is imperative to simultaneously address health concerns.  This is why we will work diligently to ensure that we talk with all your healing providers so we can all support you as one team! The coordination of our unique team approach allows us to look at your specific situation, probably through a different lens than you have ever looked through before.

Our team approach allows us to identify how the interconnectedness of all of your struggles can be addressed at one time without leaving you overwhelmed and lost as how to actually implement the changes into your life.

We often see that if you only address one issue at a time, it often leads people back into relapse, into old negative behaviors, as they are not fully addressing their mind and body as one whole system.  Instead, our unique team approach helps you address many of the roots at the same time, leaving you with true and lasting healing.

Working with our expert team at Healing Roots Wellness Center will help you define your values and learn how to live your best authentic life.  You will get tools to help you survive our modern society, while finding more peace, balance, and joy in your life.

Take charge of your life, and find peace with your body!

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