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Mastering the Mind Body Connection Through Understanding Female Hormones

An online webinar series that focuses on empowering you to take control of your health and mental wellness!
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Course Breakdown:

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Decoding the Female Hormone Cycle
Module 3: Unraveling the Impact of Stress on Well-being
Module 4: Grounding Techniques
Module 5:: Embracing Restful Sleep for Vitality
Module 6: Guided Pathways to Nourishing Movement
Module 7: Parting Words and Bonus Tips

$ 100
  • Empower you with knowledge of female hormones, stress, sleep, and movement for well-being
  • Understand sleep's role in hormonal regulation and mood, with practical tips
  • Gain insights into menstrual cycle hormones, addressing imbalances proactively
  • Embrace movement to manage stress, improve neurochemistry, achieve hormonal harmony
  • Receive a Hormone Balancing Cookbook
  • Receive information Seed Cycling and Sleep Habits
  • Learn mindfulness-based practices to reduce stress and enhance health

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