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Danielle Cool

Danielle has current openings Monday-Friday
9:30-2:30 and 3:45-4:45
She is accepting new clients!

Life can be challenging and at times we can all become overwhelmed and stuck not knowing what we need to do, but that something needs to be different.

Danielle believes even during these times, we are striving to do the best we can as we navigate through life.  Sometimes these events make it difficult for us to navigate through things on our own or within our family.

Danielle Cool, LCSW Danielle believes therapy can be a place where you learn how to cut down on the outside noise and distractions that may be influencing you and take control of your life.

Therapy can be a bridge to building a stronger relationship with yourself and those with whom you are in relationship with

Danielle understands we live in a world where learning how to connect and relate to others is vitally important to having healthy relationships.  Sometimes we interact with others not realizing how it is impacting others.  Through exploring our life experiences and patterns, we have the ability to change and create a life where we sense more self-fulfillment.  

In a world that uses technology to connect with others, learning how to personally communicate in an emotionally healthy way is essential for health and well being!  As a mom to three children, Danielle understands how it can be easy to rely on electronic communication, as well as the struggles it brings in effectively communicating what we are really thinking and feeling.


Danielle believes therapy can be a place where you learn how to cut down on the outside noise that may be influencing and even overwhelming you.  This can lead to an increased feeling of self-worth, more connection, and having the skills for building better relationships!  

She will work with you to untangle the things that can weigh you down emotionally and physically.  She assists individuals in working to build better communication, healthy relationships, and have a better understanding of how your role in relationships.  

Danielle understands what it is like to navigate the world of raising children in a world that can feel fast paced, pressured, scheduled, and dominated by the expectation of instant results.  She understands that at times we can feel misunderstood and overwhelmed.  She also knows as individuals we want to feel connected with our loved ones and she can help you learn how to improve your communication, create a happier home environment, and increase your ability to problem solve within your family.  

She understands at the core of every family there is love and commitment, but sometimes you may be stuck in how to relate or communicate with one another, which can sometimes lead to harmful interactions.  She believes taking the time to focus on oneself is essential for experiencing a life where you feel satisfied, loved and connected.  

Danielle understands how unresolved grief, anxiety, depression, and relational attachment issues can cause emotional and physical pain.  She believes that not only are we interconnected to each other, but our unresolved emotional pain can become stored as physical pain in our bodies.  She will help you to understand how your past experiences may be impacting the current way you are interacting in the world as well as learn new skills to let go of patterns that are no longer beneficial.  

Danielle understands change can be overwhelming and hard even when we know it’s something we need to do.  Danielle has spent years learning through experts in the areas of bonding and attachment and understands how unresolved trauma and grief can impact your emotional, mental, and physical self which can make it challenging to initiate changes independently.  She will meet you where you are without judgement and accompany you on your personal healing process.

She will help you achieve healing by giving voice to our innermost thoughts that are causing you to experience anxiety, depressed feelings, reliving traumatic experiences, unresolved grief, and relationship issues.  

She believes when life seems overwhelming and you don’t know how to navigate things effectively you should take time to nurture yourself.  Therapy provides the opportunity of

  • Living a Balanced Life
  • Expressing Emotions in a Healthy Way
  • Developing Resilience to the Challenges of Life Experiences
  • Helping to Navigate the Direction of Our Own Lives
  • Increasing Meaningful Relational Patterns with Important People in our Lives


Danielle will create an environment with a treatment path that honors the experiences and feelings you are expressing in a safe and respectful manner.  She believes as a therapist, it is a privilege to accompany you on your therapeutic journey.  She values building a trusting relationship where therapy can become transformative, challenging, empowering, and ultimately life changing!  

With her bachelors, masters, and clinical licensure in social work, Danielle has over 20 years and 24,000+ hours and is an expert in the field of helping others learn new cognitive and emotional skills, overcome trauma, and build better relationships.

If you feel Danielle may be a good fit to help you take the next step on your healing journey, please visit Getting Started on the Healing Roots Wellness Website and schedule a free initial 20 minute phone consultation.

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