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Welcome to Healing Roots Wellness Center!

We are a group of highly dedicated and compassionate mind body centered telehealth clinicians who are here to support you.

Welcome to Healing Roots Wellness Center! We are a group of highly dedicated and compassionate mind body centered telehealth clinicians who are here to support you.

You can find joy, excitement and even a sense of calmness in life, EVEN during these stressful times.  The key is learning how to take a step back and take care of yourself along the way.

This world and the society we live in can be hard, stressful and overwhelming these days.  It can be even harder to take that step back and learn how to take care of yourself during these stressful times because, “Where do I even begin?”

That's where we come in!

We believe that healing can be done when we are able to address ourselves and our struggles as a whole.  We know that your stress is not just about one chaotic thing going on in your life, it’s about all the stressful and chaotic things that make up your whole big ball of stress!

We will HELP YOU feel safe enough to look deep into yourself, to get to the root of your issues and to truly heal!  We will not only help you heal from past wounds, but learn how to take these past struggles and use them in ways to power you through the next stressful time in life.

Our Treatment Specialties

Chronic Illness

Living with a chronic illness is often overwhelming and isolating.  Learning to find balance can help reduce your symptoms and lead towards true healing.

Eating Disorders

Struggling with disordered eating and a chronic illness is tricky business. Trying to tease them apart can often leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed.


Learning to understand the mind-body connection and the signals your body is telling you can be key in healing your anxious thoughts.


Learning to heal wounds from trauma can feel overwhelming and daunting. At times it can leave you feeling lost, isolated and alone.

Meet Our Therapists

Krista Day-Gloe, LCSW

Krista developed her expertise through obtaining a Bachelors, Masters, and Clinical License in Social work as well as through spending over 10,800+ hours working with regular people in real-life situations to help them find a path forward that works for them.

She belongs to the National Association of Social Workers and is a certified EMDR therapist, as well as a Brene Brown Facilitator Candidate.

Danielle Cool,

Danielle believes therapy can be a place where you learn how to cut down on the outside noise and distractions that may be influencing you and take control of your life.

For the past 20 years Danielle has worked with individuals, children, adolescents, and parents who have experienced trauma, relationship issues, and difficulty coping with life challenges.

Pilar Yoho,

Pilar deeply believes that authentic connection to yourself is the ultimate foundation for living a healthy and fulfilling life! Pilar will help you gain skills and tools to feel confident walking into the face of vulnerabilities in your life.

She knows that many of us fear this intimate level of vulnerability with ourselves, but that this is often the birth place of connection and lasting healing!

Claira Hardy

Claira has a genuine passion for helping people improve their overall health and wellbeing through personalized nutrition plans and holistic care. What sets Claira apart is her ability to get to the root of an issue instead of simply focusing on symptoms.

She takes time to listen to her clients and understand their unique challenges and goals. Claira believes that true healing involves addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of a person, which is why she takes a whole-body approach to nutrition and wellness.

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