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Spiritual Angst

Fortunately, we all seem to be born with a massive magnet sitting in our soul… like a hidden longing pulling us towards something… We are not too sure where or what it is pulling us towards… it is just out of reach. Sometimes the pull can threaten to ruin everything… even meaning itself.
Spiritual Angst

When questions about your basic truths and your nature and existence come up, it may have you desiring to explore the true nature of your existence.  This may lead you to feel spiritual angst.  

Spiritual angst can cause disruption in the mind and body. These types of symptoms may look like:

    • Sleep issues
    • Fatigue
    • Headaches
    • Heart palpitations
    • Obsessive thoughts
    • Fear
    • Anxiety

The concept of spiritual angst is not always an easy one to understand or manage. The word angst is not a typical English word English never hesitates to borrow words that lose certain subtleties… angst has made its way into English by offering a little something extra…  it became associated with a specific existential dread.

Often the rationalized categories we rely upon in our lives will somehow fail us. We come to understand that the universe does not work or look the way we assumed. This can produce an existential crisis which forces us to reevaluate many of the things we thought we believed. There are no easy, universal answers to what is going on in our lives and no magic bullets to solve our problems. In these moments we need help to discern that what we thought we knew about our existence isn’t really the case after all.

We may benefit from professional help while we learn how to sit patiently, without judgment, while we do this deep work can be the key to gaining the inner peace we deserve.  

Written by Roy Sanders

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