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Are you ready to address your health and mental health as one Whole System?  I am are here to help highly motivated people who are struggling with health concerns such as:  

…and to offer a place of support, processing, healing, changes and growth!  

I understand that there are many reasons that may have brought you to wanting to address your health and mental health as a whole system.  With trainings in Integrative Mental Health, my background as a Clinical Social Worker (a kind of mental health therapist), and numerous trainings in the mind-body connection, I have gained insight into the most cutting edge and scientifically researched, helpful tools and approaches to making lasting changes to your mood and health……EVEN if you are currently struggling with current chronic health conditions!  

Many people struggling with chronic health conditions are not just impacted by their physical health.  Other areas often impacted are:

This is why people struggling with chronic illness often feel lost and overwhelmed.  That’s where I COME IN TO SUPPORT YOU!!!!  

I will help you learn the tools necessary to navigate your health journey!  Whether that is back to a place of health again, or you are wanting to come in and fine tune some things regarding your health and wellbeing, I am here to support you!  

Through my background as a trained mental health therapist and social worker, I know that there is Not just One answer or One way to your healing journey, but MANY ANSWERS AND MANY ROUTES to your health and wellbeing journey!  

It is just sometimes hard navigating where to start and where to put your attention!  That is where I can help you make systems that will work for you!

Through my coaching program I will teach you how to:

I also know that taking care of yourself and managing your health can be a full time job!  That’s why I am ALL TELEHEALTH!  I can see you from anywhere in the country when it’s convenient for you!  

If you are ready to take control over your health and wellbeing, let’s get you started!  We would love to offer you a free 20 minute video call to see if we could be a good fit for you! 

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