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Have you read one of Brene Brown’s books, seen her famous TedTalk The Power of Vulnerability or watched Call to Courage on Netflix…but still don’t know how to incorporate her work?

You are not alone!  

Reading and watching these AMAZING books and videos is a great start!  But many people like you often feel lost as to how to USE what they have learned and how to put this amazing knowledge into their daily life.

I have personally and professionally followed Brene’s work for several years and LOVE everything about what she teaches.  But, I found myself at a loss as to how to:

For this reason, last year I took the leap and became a Certified Daring Way Facilitator.  It was both beneficial for my personal and professional life! Now, I’m ready to share this with you!  

Brene’s work focuses on her research surrounding shame and vulnerability and what to do with these topics.  Some common misconceptions about vulnerability are:

  1. Vulnerability is weakness.
  2. I can opt out of vulnerability.
  3. Vulnerability is oversharing.
  4. I can go it alone.
  5. You can engineer the uncertainty and discomfort out of vulnerability.
  6. Trust comes before vulnerability.  

Instead of buying into these beliefs and keeping your emotions locked inside, I will use her research and researched tools and approaches to help you to step into the power of vulnerability and learn how to use vulnerability to create love, connection and compassion in your life! 

Often times we are scared that vulnerability will lead to further disconnection in our lives.  So we numb, stockpile and bounce our hurt on to others. But in Brene’s work, and what I can help you learn, is that it’s actually the opposite.


Vulnerability is what leads us to having fuller, healthier and more joyful lives and relationships. 

If you are ready to step into learning how to become the strongest version of yourself, please contact me.  This work can be used in individual sessions, as well as in workshops and groups that I will be leading in the near future.  

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