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Our Area of Expertise

You can still find passion and excitement in life, EVEN if you’re battling chronic health issues, eating concerns, or mental health struggles.  The key is learning how to take a step back and take care of yourself along the way, no matter what life throws at you.

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed to reach optimal health.  Unlike feeling confused and lost trying to understand how to incorporate lifestyle changes from the latest thing your friend told you about, what you read in the latest health article, or what multiple health care professionals are telling you, WE CAN HELP YOU develop an organized approach to getting to the root of your issues, making healing possible and lasting.

HRWC is one of the few experts in co-occurring chronic health issues and eating concerns.  Our unique approach is based on extensive research on the physiology of the body’s reactions to stress, eating and environmental factors, as well as the psychological components of disordered eating and chronic illnesses.

Let us help you understand how these two issues impact each other and what you can do to regain health and vitality.  It won’t help you in the long run to go to 10 different doctors or to do it on your own, you need an expert professional team to guide you through the journey.  Let us help you! You can feel better again, and live as a strong, healthy, successful, confident, and powerful human being!