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YOU DON’T HAVE TO FEAR GOING OUT ON YOUR OWN, OR TAKING THE NEXT STEP IN YOUR BUSINESS ANYMORE!  We will help give you the tools to understand how you can find assurance that your goals and dreams are worth living!  

You deserve to share your talents with the world!  

Entrepreneurs are some of the most driven individuals out there!  Sometimes the stress of being at this high level of independence can also lead to feeling

  1. Overwhelmed
  2. Anxious
  3. Depressed
  4. A need to numb
  5. Like an imposter

THERE ARE SOLUTIONS  that can help you learn how to move away from stress and move towards confidence, drive, and movement in your life!  

Before driven individuals learn how to set boundaries and goals for themselves, they can find  themselves overworked, undervaluing their worth, and feeling used. 

You may be questioning yourself and asking things like:

  • Can I really make it on my own?
  • Will my boss really ever listen to my opinions or feedback? 
  • Is it really worth it?  
  • What if I make a mistake?
  • Is my business really ready for the next step of hiring staff?
  • Will everyone look at me and think I’m a joke?

Stop fearing the unknown!  The unknown is a place of change, vulnerability and innovation!  It is not as scary as it may seem!   

Our brains are story-making machines, but there is only one story our brains are concerned with, and it filters all of our stories through this lens:  AM I SAFE OR NOT?  

So, when our brains have an unknown, such as  can I make it on my own?, our brain fills in the story line with things we may have experienced in life, heard others talk about ….AND most commonly,  our fears. You may find yourself in these thinking loops:

  • Remember the last time you asked for something to change at work and you were shut down immediately?  My ideas are stupid!
  • Remember the last time you messed up?  You’re an idiot.  You can’t do this!  
  • Last time you thought about starting the business you got so scared that you stopped thinking about it for six months: You will never make it.  
  • My business is just starting, how can I go out there in the world already?  Who do you think you are?
  • Think about Ben.  He’s so stressed with doing it on his own that it’s not worth it.  

Whatever your dialogue, when you are  struggling and fearful, our guess is that it’s not a very kind or optimistic dialogue.   

Working with our highly skilled team allows you to start understanding the origin of your fears and what you can do about it so that you can actually become the person you were meant to be!  

Learning how to give yourself permission to be imperfect, being kinder towards yourself, and learning how to respond to these negative self comments will not only make you a better leader to others, but a better leader for yourself!  

Our goal is to help you become more confident in yourself so that you can trust your intuition more often!  Our expert team will help you learn how to make calculated steps towards bettering yourself and your business. 

Learning how to listen to your wise self dialogue instead of the worst case scenario dialogue leads to trusting yourself and gaining powerful discernment over your specific goals.  

When we trust ourselves to make clear and conscious decisions about our business, the sky’s the limit!

There are unique stresses that accompany being an entrepreneur:

  • There is more risk, as you may have everything at stake.
  • There is a higher learning curve.  You are not only learning about your clientele population and how you want to serve them, but also:
    • Payroll
    • Taxes
    • Insurances you may have to acquire
    • Interior design
    • Business etiquette
    • Website design
    • Marketing
  • Learning how to manage people.
  • Working long hours getting your business up and running.
  • Feeling isolated being out there on your own.
  • Learning a whole new meaning of work/life balance, since a lot of businesses start at home.
  • What do benefits looks like now?  When do I take a vacation? What do I do when I’m sick?

All of these unique stress can be overwhelming to some, and they may stop them from taking the next step.  But if you trust yourself to do your best work, get clear about your values, and learn how to brave the wilderness of the unknown, the fear starts to lift and you can start to enjoy your life!  

If you’ve already started your own business, you may be struggling with things like:

  • What happens if I show up late?
  • What do I do when someone questions my pricing?
  • How do I follow my policies and charge for a no-show?
  • What happens if I mess up?
  • How do I hire a new employee?
  • How do I get funding for my project?
  • How do I actually market to my target population?  

Our self doubt and anxiety are filtering these questions through the lens of, AM I SAFE?  

As long as you are clear in your values and goals, these questions start to become less of an issue.  Our expert team will help you learn that you can face any mistake, because mistakes are just a part of learning. As adults, we come with many stories about what mistakes we have made in the past, and why we shouldn’t try again.  But have you ever watched a child learn how to ride a bike? They trust that one day they will get it, and they try over and over and over again. They may fall, have skinned knees, and bumps and bruises. But they fall, and then they get back up again.  

You too can learn how to keep picking yourself back up again!  

We as adults need to let go of our fear stories and remember that there is no learning and forward movement without these bumps and bruises.  

While working with our team, you will start to trust and expect that in order to learn, you WILL fall down and make mistakes.  The trick is learning how to pick yourself back up again, brush off the dirt, and say, “OK, lets try again!”  

You need an expert team to help you learn what skills and tools you need in your toolbox to help when you are face down and struggling to pull yourself back up again.

Whatever your face-down moments are, YOU CAN BECOME YOUR OWN BEST CHEERLEADER!  When you fall, you cheer yourself back up to standing.  When you make a mistake, you are kinder towards yourself so you can lift the judgment from clouding your next move. When you don’t know where you are headed next, you start to pump yourself back up again to motivate yourself to keep moving forward!  

One of the best advocates for this message come from a children’s movie, “Finding Nemo.”  One of the main characters, Dory, has memories issues that leaves her forgetting what and who she was talking to every few minutes.  Her goal is to find her family again, as she has been searching for years. But the characters do not let her struggle stop herself. Her mantra song is, “Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming.”  



Come and learn how to trust yourself so that you can build your business and make this world a better place!