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Meet Krista Day-Gloe, LCSW

Krista helps others learn how to create new pathways to their more authentic and joyful selves, by learning how to carve space in their lives to learn and implement more desirable habits. She is dedicated to helping them find more success, passion and health in their lives, instead of finding themselves back on the same old pathway, time and time again.

She believes STRONGLY in the Mind-Body Connection!!!  What happens in one area of your body affects the other.  If your body is in distress, is inflamed, or you are suffering from a chronic illness, your emotions, thoughts and behaviors will be affected. Vice versa, if your struggle involves a mental health issue, it may be affecting your body. Krista will help you learn how to read the road signs of your body’s superhighway of interconnectedness.

She is dedicated to helping stressed out overachievers discover that there are many different root causes for the issues that leave them struggling and feeling unsatisfied. She helps them discover new ways to heal those root causes of stress and to find more freedom in their lives.

Although Krista has always been passionate about helping people grow and heal, it was when she became a new mom that she realized the importance of self- care tools.  She evolved from thinking she could balance it all and be a high achieving professional and mother all on her own to slipping over the edge and realizing she needed extra support.

This experience brought home for Krista something we all know but often ignore:

We can’t be the best version of ourselves and achieve our biggest goals in life without doing the deep healing and preparation needed. Sometimes that healing and preparation requires a bigger tool box.

Krista helps you identify what tools you need in your tool box, and how to actually use them!

The journey to a new level of well- being can take many forms, and Krista is equipped with unique tools to help her clients get there. Krista helps clients heal through:

  • learning to re-wire harmful brain responses with EMDR therapy
  • connect to their intuition and release old hurts and bad habits still stuck in their bodies with Somatic therapy
  • find hidden insight and opportunities rooted in their past and present experiences through Narrative therapy.

These specialties give Krista concrete and practical tools she can share with clients to make the healing process begin more quickly, go deeper and last longer.

Krista developed her expertise through obtaining a  Bachelors, Masters, and Clinical License in Social work as well as through spending over 10,800+ hours working with regular people in real-life situations to help them find a path forward that works for them. She belongs to the National Association of Social Workers and is a certified EMDR therapist, as well as a Brene Brown Facilitator Candidate.

Her extensive experience has taught Krista that healing comes in all shapes and sizes, and she helps her clients learn which tools and resources are best suited for their personal  journey. She helps people discover the tools and approaches that work well for them personally and to become their own best advocates when life throws challenges their way.

Most of all Krista helps clients learn to lead lives that celebrate their deepest values and desires.

If you feel that Krista may be a good fit to help you take the next step on your healing journey,  please visit Getting Started on her website and schedule a free initial 20 minute phone consultation.