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Getting Started


What is telehealth or telemedicine?  It is basically a secure and HIPPA compliant Facetime or Skype health session you can do from anywhere you have WiFi.  This allows you to conduct sessions from the comfort of your home, at work on your lunch break, even on business trips or vacations (as long as you are in the one of the states where we are licensed in).  Basically anywhere that you have internet service. 

This means that there is no commute time.  You don’t have to  leave  work for 3 hours to commute back and forth for a 1 hour therapy session.  You can also have comforting items such as your pet or favorite blanket to wrap yourself  in.  You can have a load of laundry going, and dinner in the oven all while you are learning more about yourself. 

There are of course limitations to telehealth sessions such as poor internet connection or interruptions at work or home.  However, we find that the benefits of telemedicine out weigh any potential limitations.  We believe you will find that we are just as personable in person as we are over the computer screen.  

We are licensed in Missouri, Colorado, Oregon and soon to be in Kansas.

Services We Offer

Individual Therapy – $125 per 55 minute session

Coming in for therapy is an amazing way to look inward at how we can become the best version of ourselves.  We believe at HRWC that by identifying what is at the root cause of your struggles, it is like learning to read a road map of how your stress, mood, body’s physiology, environments and relationships all impact one another.  Understanding how to heal the roots is imperative to living a full, healthy, and satisfying life.  We offer our sessions via a HIPPA compliant telehealth platform.  This way, you can do sessions from home, work, or even on the go!  Telehealth is the modern way of allowing you to fit therapy in to your everyday busy schedule!  

Couples Therapy- $175 per 90 minute session or $225 per 120 minute session

Having two people (3 including your therapist) in the room that needs to be heard and validated does not come easy in a  60 minute session. HRWC either provides 90 or 120 minute sessions to allow the couple to become comfortable enough in the session, to allow space and time for both partners to be heard.  The fear of coming in and not knowing what is happening in the partnership is scary and overwhelming. We help you identify goals, and start to dig deep into how you can rebuild your connection to one another.  

Group Therapy–  Cost varies per group

Group therapy often helps participants start to normalize their experiences, struggles, and stressors in life.  Understanding that we are not alone in life’s struggles, learning new ways of being, or fears of taking the next steps, can heal the shame we may be carrying around.  Participating in group therapy can lead to lasting relationships with people who understand your struggles and make it OKAY to become vulnerable in front of others. This leads to to lasting connection to ourselves and a larger sense of community.  

Clinical Supervision- $125 per 55 minute session

Krista Day-Gloe, LCSW has over 19,500+ hours of direct human-to-human professional work in  the social work field, and this has lead to expert knowledge in helping others learn how to be their own best advocates.  Her Bachelors, Masters, and Clinical License in Social work allow her to help you as a clinician grow an understanding of the interconnectedness of the mind-body connection. She believes there are many reasons why someone may be struggling, and uses her social work lens to help you start helping others by becoming the best clinician you can be!


Our office hours are Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8-4 pm 

Appointments and Scheduling

Each appointment will be approximately 50-55 minutes in length.  You will be responsible for letting me know at least 24 business hours in advance of any cancellation for a scheduled appointment.  There are no fees charged for sessions cancelled in advance.  However, you will be charged the regular session fee if you do not attend and do not call to cancel in advance within 24 hours of your scheduled visit.  If your fee is being paid by another payer such as a community agency or insurance company, they will not be billed for such sessions and these fees will be solely your responsibility.  On occasion, I may also have to cancel or reschedule sessions. In such cases, I will attempt to contact you at least 24 hours in advance whenever possible.   

Snow days

We live in an area where snow days are likely to happen.  In the case of snow days, we will make every attempt to give you ample notice of canceling sessions.  However, due to the weather, this may not always be possible. It may at times be appropriate to hold sessions via a telehealth platform, and when possible this will be the back up plan to continue sessions as planned.

Social Media

Healing Roots Wellness Center has its own social media page on Facebook..  You can find articles and interesting posts on this format. Due to confidentiality and ethics, no one from the HRWC will be able to be “friends” with you on their personal accounts.  This is to protect you. If you have more questions on this policy, feel free to ask us more about it in sessions so we can better explain the ethical issues involved.

Telehealth policies

We live in a day an age where utilizing services such as telehealth can create a safe and trusted environment to work through barriers like long commute times, work schedules and location.  We use a number of security and backup measures to reasonably protect the confidentiality and existence of information and materials related to your teletherapy sessions. This includes the use of HIPAA-compliant video technology. We will use all reasonable efforts to maintain confidentiality and security in your information. For video sessions, your therapist will provide a link to join the session. Https://doxy.me/day-gloe.  There is not a requirement to install software; you will only need a good internet connection.